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scarily accurate

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i have seen everything i need to see before i die


damn it fin fin

who brought fucking fin fin along

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The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

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how many times do you think Lyon monologued about having no friends and no one who loved him to Knoll

i h8 u

Lyon probably name drops the twins while doing it, too.

"I wish I was more friendly and outgoing, like Eirika. Then everyone would like me, but nooooo, it comes to social situations and it’s like ‘book closed, nope no one’s going to get a peek, let these bright beautiful open books tell you their life’s story! I’ll just sit here being Finnegan’s Wake or something.”

"I actually like Joyce a lot. Some people do."

"Yeah, but you’re… Kaftka’s collected works, right? Let’s face it, no one is ever going to take us off the shelf. We’ll sit here, collecting dust together, while Ephraim’s out there being… Harry Potter. You know, over read garbage that everyone loves because he’s so fun and good and, and at least Eirika would be Tamora Pierce, like fun and nice and the kind of book you curl up with when you’re feeling down. Finnegan’s Wake? I mean who the Hell curls up with Joyce on a good day, let alone a crappy day, let alone… I mean, if you’re going to curl up with Joyce you’re going to go for the short stories, right. The ones maybe even Ephraim could get through without his head exploding at “oh noes! Words! Things I’d actually have to pay attention to without hitting anything for five minutes!” Everyone is going to curl up with Dubliners first, and even then they’ll still quail at Finnegan’s Wake because it’s about people living and people dying and people just being people and weird and uses long words, and isn’t it just a study in depression and alcoholism, anyway? They all want the easy version, and I’m not the easy version, and I’m never going to be the easy version. They want the sexy hot best seller version that’s all about wizards and stupid populast stuff. So there we’ll sit being dust buddies, Joyce and Metamorphosis. Or maybe you’re more of a Hunger Artist type. … Kaftka tried to get his best friend to burn everything, you know. Think about how much was saved for everyone because that guy didn’t do it.”

"All it took was betraying the trust of his friend. Truly a marvel of humanity."

"Put that sarcasm voice away. It would be wonderful to have a friend who believed that you had something to contribute, that you were worth something. It would be really nice to have someone like that at your side."

"You haven’t read The Dead in a while, have you?”

"Huh? No, I love that one! It’s great. Why—?"

"Oh, nothing, just a small epiphany. Do carry on."

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Obama on gay adoption 


yeah totally ruining this country what a horrible guy

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Straight men worked up over hamburger wrapper

Straight men are so damn weak.

fandomsandfeminism, your URL tho



it’s never a bad time for anal



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